About us

Our goal has always been to grow our own organic food as efficiently as possible in an environment-friendly manner. Without chemical fertilizers or toxic pesticides, but with organic products that are good for the environment, nature, your plants and yourself. From our expertise in this, we firstly founded FytoBooster: A webshop that offers organic growing methods.

A logical next step for us quickly became Verticale Tuin Maken. With Verticale Tuin Maken we have expanded our product range and expertise in the environment-friendly, sustainable, efficient, organic and green segment.

Verticale Tuin Maken offers practical, durable and environment-friendly do-it-yourself systems, organic fertilizer and organic substrate with which you easily build and maintain your own vertical garden. Build your own vertical garden filled with large and healthy plants in an instant, and provide yourself with a healthier, more productive and more stylish living and working environment.

At Verticale Tuin Maken we stand for everyone’s health: nature’s, your plants’ and yours.