Minigarden Basic Uno (incl. 1,5L pot)


Minigarden Basic is a clever and stylish system that automatically waters your plants. Use it on any surface for herbs, vegetables or ornamental plants.

Because of the special reservoir, Minigarden Basic works without electricity, batteries and timers. This makes Minigarden Basic suited for almost any place. For example the windowsill, a table, the kitchen counter, the hallway and a greenhouse, but also the office, a restaurant or a waiting room.

From assembly to taking care of your plants, with Minigarden Basic it’s childishly simple! It’s truly a “plug-and-play” system that automatically takes care of your plants without any electricity.

Minigarden Basic Uno has a 1,25L water reservoir and comes with a 1,5L capacity oval pot.


Minigarden Basic Uno consists of five parts that are easily and quickly assembled without any tools: one waterproof base tray, one cover plate with oval opening for the pot, one water reservoir with patented dosing valve with cover plate and a geotextile lining for the base tray to assist plants with water absorption. A perfectly fitting 1,5L capacity pot is also included.