Minigarden Vertical Wall


Assemble the Vertical Wall with the included assembly clips within minutes and make your vertical garden just like you want.

Ideal for at home, at the office, in the kitchen, in your garden or wherever you like. Create a green image, get clean air and keep your fresh herbs at hand in a stylish and practical manner.

Use the Vertical Wall by itself for nine plants or combine endlessly with other Vertical Walls, Vertical Modules and Corner Modules.

For a vertical garden filled with large, healthy and beautiful plants, use our Organic Fertilizer and Fytocell Substrate.

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Combine endlessly

Make your vertical garden as big or small as you want with the Minigarden Modular Do-It-Yourself System. Endlessly combine with Vertical Walls, Vertical Modules and Corner Modules. All modules are easily assembled and attached to each other. Single-sided or double-sided, on the ground or at the wall, indoor or outdoor, green, white or black. Design and create your vertical garden just like you want it.
minigarden vertical garden green

Excellent drainage system

Good watering is essential for the growth and flowering of plants. A common problem with vertical gardens is unequal water distribution paired with inefficient drainage of excess water. With the built-in drainage system this is no longer a problem. The specially designed drainage channel runs through all modules and automatically drains all excess water to your vertical garden’s base tray.
minigarden vertical drainage

Easy assembly

The vertical wall consists of three vertical modules and a base tray. Easily assemble your vertical wall with the included assembly clips within minutes. Place the vertical wall by itself on the ground, mount it on the wall or attach it to one or multiple other modules to expand your vertical garden.
minigarden vertical wall assembly

  • 3x Minigarden Vertical Module
  • 3x Drain lid
  • 1x Base tray
  • 18 Assembly clips
  • Product dimensions: 64,6 cm x 19 cm x 57 cm
  • Weight: 3,34 kg
  • Container volume: 36 L (9 plant capacity)
  • Material: Polypropylene Moplen plastic (BPA-free) with UV protection

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White, Green, Black